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Workspace Solution For All Users

Encore’s Workspace division offers customers Service Desk support for Apple, Windows, and Linux operating systems, as well as virtual desktop technology.

Workspace provides support for more than 30,000 devices in enterprise and educational environments. Encore’s Workspace team listens to customer needs and requirements, and then helps design a computing solution that fills that need. The team considers the end user’s job requirements and computing device options throughout the process to deliver a fully managed and secure solution for all users.

The core of Encore’s Workspace service offering is the 24x7x365 Service Desk. The Service Desk is staffed with certified technicians who act as a single point of contact for support and troubleshooting. All incidents flow through Encore’s ITIL based process to ensure efficient response times and effective diagnosis.

Encore offers client-monitoring tools that can be installed on any Apple or Windows based desktop or laptop. Encore’s client-monitoring tool provides hourly reports on over 100 possible issues such as: memory and hard drive failures, backup functionality, battery life, real time inventory, warranty status, and physical configuration information to detect potential issues before they become critical problems.

Mobile Device Management
Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service
Remote Monitoring and Management
Client Monitoring
Application Visibility-as-a-Service
Who Is It For?

Encore’s Workspace service is designed for businesses of any size who realize that work no longer occurs within the 9-5 window and within corporate walls.

Encore can help provide on-demand desktops and applications to users anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Encore’s experts will design, implement, and manage an information access and delivery strategy that meets financial, security, and compliance requirements.

Organizations who would benefit from Encore’s Workspace services include:

  • Enterprise, education, healthcare, financial services, and small to medium businesses
  • Businesses struggling with managing a diverse workforce
  • Organizations concerned with security and compliance
  • Customers looking for a disaster recovery solution for end user systems
A Data-Centered World
Why Encore?

Companies face challenges in all aspects of the business and one partner can provide solutions across the entire ecosystem–Encore. Only Encore can provide comprehensive solutions that encompass a full range of services including; data center, enterprise, managed services, professional services, and staffing services.

Customer Benefits
  • Secure, efficient, and flexible computing platform.
  • On-demand scalability.
  • Centralized management for global workforce.
  • Multi-platform support for the enterprise.
  • Apple, Windows, Red Hat, VMware, and Citrix certified resources.
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